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Thank You for Praying For Us - Africa, June 2012


We have been back in the United States for two weeks now.  Our trip to Rwanda, Africa was successful and we were blessed to meet many African believers and pastors who serve God in very difficult situations and yet they are dedicated servants of Christ who give their all so that others will come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We arrived on Saturday after two days of travel and Jim was to ministered the following Sunday morning at Rwanda Pentecostal Assemblies of God where the General Superintendent, Rev. Claver Kabandana serves as pastor.  Jim not only preached but Pastor Kabandana insisted that we join in with the Rwandan worship in dance. 

During our two weeks in Rwanda, we visited ten different churches and spent time in the homes of many of these servants of God.  They are humble people with great needs.  Many of them walk miles to carry water for drinking and cooking twice daily and their food supply is scarce.

We visited the Genocide Memorial in Nyamata where we got a closer glimpse of the extent of the atrocities that happened in 1994.  When the genocide began on April 7th, 1994, many ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus took refuge in churches, believing militias would not enter these areas which were perceived as sanctuaries. At the Nyamata Catholic Church, 10,000 people were killed. The Nyamata/Bugesera district was one of the areas most devastated by the genocide. From a population of 62,000, only 2,000 survived. It was very difficult to walk through this memorial site and see the stacks of blood stained clothing remaining of those adults and children who were killed.  Yet our Lord is redeeming even this as people from two separate tribes now sit next to each other in churches praising the Lord.

On Friday through Sunday of our first week Jim preached an outdoor crusade at the Nyamata church. More than 60 adults (many of them adult men) committed their lives to Christ and the pastor told us that many have now joined the church. 

On the last weekend of our visit Jim taught a Leadership Seminar to our pastors.  They expressed great appreciation for his experience and insight.

 Though the trip had some physical difficulties, we are so pleased that God gave us the opportunity to meet some of the finest servants of God on this planet.  On July2 we boarded a plane for a 30 hour trip home. 

Whenever we visit such far away and needy countries, we always feel that God has sent us there for a purpose and that purpose does not end when we leave.  Because of the great needs that we see, we feel compelled to try to supply those needs.  While in Rwanda we met Pastor Emmanuel who not only serves as a pastor but has started a school. When the school opened in 2009 they began with three classes and a total of 174 students.  In that first year the school had only 20 books, ten English and ten Math.  Only one class had desks, another had benches and the third sat on mats on the floor.  However, the level of education was far above average and soon more and more parents wanted their children to attend this school, including Muslim families.  The school shares the gospel along with the other subjects and some of those families have converted to Christianity.  When we asked the children, “How are you” they responded, “I am fine, thank you Jesus.”  Today the school enrolls 300 students. 

Although the school has grown in numbers and reputation, it now faces an uncertain future. The government committee for oversight of education visited on July 2.  They told Pastor Emmanuel they were impressed with what he had done.  However, they reminded him of the government standards for schools and told him they would return in December.  If by then there are no new classrooms built to government standards they will close the school. 

The plans for a new facility have been drawn and the land terraced to accommodate the new buildings. With the new buildings Glory School will not only meet the government standard but will also be able to accommodate 400 students.  All that is lacking is the funds for construction. 

 Glory School is an oasis of hope and love situated in a very needy area of Rwanda.  Every dollar given to this project will be used to shape and change young lives as well as bring the light of the gospel into this community. 

If you would like to help Pastor Emmanuel with this huge project, please send your checks payable to Acts 20:24, note The Glory School, and mail to 114 Burke Dr., Monroeville, PA.  You will receive a receipt for your taxes from Allison Park Church. 

Thank you for your prayers.  We surely needed them during this trip and the Lord was present to help.

Jim and Becky Leake