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Dear Friends,

"We arrived at Bethel Orphanage in San Luis, Mexico on January 5.  The NYSUM ministry students arrived on Friday and we were invited to share in a large fair celebrating Three Kings Day on Saturday.  Approximately 700 to 1000 people attended and were blessed from organizations giving food, gifts and providing worship and entertainment.  The ministry students shared the Gospel in a number of ways and Debbie Leake Martinez shared with song.

A local church has been supernaturally led to provide spiritual ministry weekly at Bethel Orphanage.   God has led them and they are faithful to the call. We saw great spiritual growth in the children and leadership at Bethel.  We celebrated a pizza night and a hot dog night with the children.  Each child received a personalized gift.   It was so much fun.  

Beside our blessing the children at Bethel Orphanage, we ministered in a church in San Luis, AZ, in two church plants in Mexico in areas where the need for the Gospel is greatly needed and gladly received.  We blessed the women at a Rehab Center and the men at a Men's Rehab Center. We were invited to share in the government orphanage.  We provided ministry in two services at the local church now connected with Bethel and blessed the couples with an early Valentine party.  It was a week packed with ministry.

We left Mexico so blessed for all the good happening and yet heavy hearted.  There is still great financial need.  Twenty four children call this place home and money is needed to provide for their daily needs.  We are asking you to consider donating monthly to Bethel.  You may not be able to give a large amount but if we all work together we can fulfill the call of God.  "Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress."  James 1:27

We have committed to do this personally but we cannot do this alone.  Please join us in this mission and send an E-mail to or message Becky on Facebook indicating the monthly amount you can send which will be given totally to the support for the precious children at Bethel Orphanage.  Once we hear from you we will send instructions as where to send your monthly support and you will receive receipts for income tax purposes.

Also, the children and Mama Berta would love the visits of American groups.  Please consider blessing these innocent children.  If you want to take a group on a mission trip we know of a bilingual couple who may be able to accompany you and help plan your trip.  (Fausto and Debbie Leake Martinez)  You probably cannot do a less expensive mission trip."



Jim and Becky Leake